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TopGun Karting Academy has been coaching drivers for over 20 years. We specialise in one-on-one training for all ages and for all levels of experience. What sets TopGun apart from others is we design a program to suit your needs. With a variety of experienced coaches, we can assign you the right coach and design a specific program to suit your needs.

Focussing on coaching specialised techniques gives all our drivers that edge they are looking for over their competition. Our various training programs are designed to help drivers that are just starting out all the way through to drivers competing on an international level looking to be the best in the world.

At TopGun we often work with high profile coaches and mind coaches from different sports. We are always looking for that edge and a way to give our customers the edge on their competition.

“A coach effects eternity, he never knows where his influence may stop.”

Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt

Head Coach
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Troy has been involved in karting now for over 30 years. Starting at an early age Troy progressed up through the ranks achieving a lot of success along the way, winning over 15 State Championships, and 7 Australian Championships.

Troy also has raced all over the world with success in numerous countries from Japan to Europe. Troy was a factory driver for Topkart in Europe. He is still to this day the highest placed Australian in Formula Super A with 8th at the World Karting Championship. With Lewis Hamilton as a teammate and numerous opponents furthering their career into Formula 1 this was the ultimate experience for Troy.

Troy's name is synonymous within karting around the world. Troy battled with the likes of Jamie Whincup, Ryan Briscoe, James Courtney, Heikki Kovaleinen, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and many other great drivers.

Troy won Championships in cars and raced in various categories like Formula Ford and Carrera Cup. In 2004 along with competing in Carrera cup Troy was also part of the Dick Johnson Racing Junior development squad.

After racing he turned his focus solely to developing the next generation of stars and has coached drivers that have gone on to win in Formula 1, Formula Renault, GT, Supercars, Karting and many other categories all over the world.

TopGun Racing
TopGun Racing
Cody Brewczynski

Cody Brewczynski


Cody is a 20 year old Sydney based driver who has firmly established himself in the national level motorsport scene. Over the last 12 years he has risen through the ranks of karting and now cemented himself as one of the leading kart drivers in the country.

Racing from 8 years of age Cody has raced all over the world competing in two world titles. He has raced these prestigious competitions in Italy and Portugal. Cody has competed at a national level since 2014 resulting in 8 x state championships and 1 x Australian titles.

Further to his racing in 2018 Cody began travelling the world as a driver coach where he found his real passion for helping develop and teach the techniques required to be successful to the future young generation of talent coming through. He is currently the team Manager for TopGun Racing where he still competes at a national level and attends up to 40 races a year. This gives the kids within the TopGun team the opportunity to experience their coach racing and gives them something to look up to. Cody has been engaged by Karting Australia to help with their Junior Sprockets Program where he travels the country introducing young drivers into karting and teaching basic skills.

TopGun Racing
TopGun Racing


Many people associate karting with young drivers, but adults are also very active in karting.

People of all ages can enjoy this exhilarating sport with children as young as six getting behind the wheel. Karting teaches children – both boys and girls – basic driving skills well before they are able to obtain their road licence. For adults, it's a great way to experience the speed and cornering like a real race car driver for a portion of the cost.

Karting is competitive, but it is also fun and family orientated, with involvement in the sport both on and off the track giving it a strong feeling of community.

For those aiming at a career in motorsport, almost everyone who races cars started racing in Karts – it's the best fun you will have on four wheels. Race meetings take place at tracks across Australia every weekend at four levels – Club, Zonal, State or National.

TopGun Racing
TopGun Racing

Aussie Car

Aussie Racing Cars is regarded as one of the most successful motorsport categories of all time in Australia. Over its 20-year history, the category has supported the biggest motorsports events in Australia including the Adelaide 500, Indy 500 Gold Coast, F1 Australian Grand Prix and Bathurst 1000.

The Aussie Racing Cars combine current racing technology and performance in a one-design class where all cars are mechanically identical with strict rules in place to maintain that position. Various body styles are permitted such as Mustang, Camaro and Toyota Aurion. The drivers skill level is the determining factor for winning contention in Aussie Racing competition as the various performance characteristics of each body style is equalised by a unique system that has been perfected over many seasons of intense competition.

TopGun Racing
TopGun Racing


To go fast you can go alone. But to go far you need to go together.

Throughout many years of success TopGun has built a team dynamic and team culture like no other, to help ensure we achieve the best results not only on track but also off and away from the track. Our team culture and friendly, encouraging, and supportive team environment is key to achieving these results.

Learn more about Our Team and view a gallery of our current drivers.

Our Team

TopGun Racing
TopGun Racing


As a race team we are super passionate about creating meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships. Talk to us about opportunities with car and driver branding, as well as corporate activities including V8 Supercar Hot Laps, Go-Kart Races, Event Guest Speakers and Driving Training.

Let us tailor a package to suit your needs.

To enquire about partnership, please call or email Troy Hunt.

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Corporate Events

TopGun provides action packed experiences for your corporate team with bespoke events structured around your companies needs and values.

TopGun Racing is one of Australia's most successful karting teams. Team owner Troy Hunt is a 7 time Australian Champion and has represented Australia on numerous occasions at the European and World championships.

Troy and his staff know what it takes to be the best. Let them motivate your staff and help them perform at their peak.

To enquire about events, please call or email Troy Hunt.

Download our Corporate Events Brochure.

Motivate Staff
Build Team Culture
Improve the Process
Recovery and Growth
Reinforce Company Values
Enjoy Karting and Racing

“Our Team recently completed a Karting Team Building day with TopGun Driver Training. Troy and Cody were brilliant, the day was smooth and well organised. They both spoke well sharing their experiences of racing and coaching/mentoring. The team thoroughly enjoyed the day and have commented on The message taken away. The improvements that the team made after some coaching was amazing. The karts we used were proper race karts too. We will be back maybe with some customers next time!”

Peter Hill
Director, Hills Electrical

TopGun Racing
TopGun Racing


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